The mother of all languages

The journal Science publishes new research carried out by Quentin Atkinson, of the University of Auckland (New Zealand). The research says that the language as we understand it today originated from a single language: the African.


It’s a statement, much less, quite revolutionary and, at the same time, controversial since other scientists argue that the language evolved independently in different parts of the world.

Atkinson became interested in the study of language while working on a project of genetics and human history. The study reveals that the first evidence of human beings originated in Africa, there the search for patterns of human language. According to this research, were migratory waves of African people to other countries which laid the foundations of all the cultural elements that span the globe.

The study is based on the analysis of a total of 504 languages around the world, finding convincing evidence of the existence of an origin common to all of them in a forgotten dialect. In this case, the language with the largest number of phonemes would be the oldest.

As Atkinson stated in their research: “is the first time that notes a pattern so clear and so consistent with the genetic pattern, on the evolution of language”.